Wow! What a difference just an hour with Sue made. Sadie, our 1 year old Lab mix is a different dog while walking now. She stays with us, she doesn’t run from tree to tree. We will continue to follow Sue’s instructions but it made such a difference. ~ Banessa R.

Sue brings so much knowledge and compassion to her training sessions. We saw fast results with our dog and felt much more confident after her help.

After a little more than an hour with Sue, me and my 3 year old Mini-Australian Shepherd were on the road to better behavior! The bad news was – the problem was me. The good news was, with Sue’s help, we could fix it! With positive reinforcement and basic commands to correct poor behavior, Toby is getting to the best version of himself! ~ Jennifer D.

Sue worked magic in just 1 hour of one on one training. She gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to help my rescue family achieve more comfort, less anxiety and needed structure in their (now our) household. Recommend 100%. Love ya babe ~ Henry the Yorkie

After our dog Rosie got back from spending a weekend at Sue’s house for training, I told her than she must have done a brain transplant on her.  Rosie is a rescue, and had a vibrant personality and no discipline when we got her.  After time at Sue’s, she is a wonderful, obedient companion with the same vibrant personality. ~ Michael S.

Sue has been great with working with our two Shih Tzus. She listens to all of our problems and concerns and offers her expertise and also demonstrates how the training should go. She has taught us so much on how to take control of them, and they both have become better listeners and are becoming well behaved pups.  We highly recommend Perfect Manners! ~ Stephanie D., Bolingbrook

Sue has been truly amazing with both my dogs. I have learned so much from her and my dogs behave so well when I’m consistent with the direction she has given. It’s so amazing to watch her in action!! Thank you Sue!!   ~ Rhonda R.

Sue does a great job explaining the how and why behind our puppy’s behavior so that we understand what helps Artemis find her right place in the family pack. She’s great at training the family while training the dog! Our first lessons have really helped our pup settle into our family. Working one on one with the trainers at Perfect Manners’s was the perfect fit for our rescue terrier. We may need some future lessons to tweak our progress but so far we have a dog who has improved dramatically on the leash and is just better behaved all around.               ~ Christine & Jim Webb

One visit we learned the basics to train our very large, very playful puppy! We purchased a four session package and in the first visit, Sue taught us how to communicate with our pup. We had no clue as to what we were doing wrong but knew to seek help. This is incredible – 24 hours ago our pup was knocking us down and biting. ~ Denise M.

Perfect Manners Dog Training is the best! After having a couple of different trainers come over to train our golden retriever puppy with no results, we called Perfect Manners. Sue came in for a couple of sessions, and in just the first session, we noticed a huge, positive difference! With her calm, gentle but assertive approach, our puppy became calmer, obedient and we felt in total control! He is now a happy, well behaved dog with no issues! Perfect Manners saved the day! ~ Kanan D.

We had 4 sessions with Sue and it was a wonderful experience to learn how dog good manners training changed Heidan’s behaviors. Great lessons and the advice. Thanks Sue very much for everything! ~ Weihua S.

If you’re looking for some help in training your dog, look no further than Perfect Manners. We had the pleasure of working with Sue for the last few months with our newly acquired rescue Bandit. We have learned so much working with her regarding the proper way to mold his behavior so he becomes a great canine citizen. Of course it’s up to us to continue with what Sue has taught us, but we feel with Perfect Manners in our corner we will be successful. ~ Mike B.

Perfect Manners Dog Training is an outstanding solution if you have a new dog or even an older one in need of a “refresher.” Sue is the perfect balance of “in control” but also loving with our dog. She knows how to encourage responsiveness and has taught us so much about “dog language!” ~ Laura H.

After just 1 session with Sue my pup is calmer and better behaved. He follows my lead, listens to “no” and works for the praise. More work to do but pleased with the quick response to the training. ~ Anita H.

Can’t say enough good things about Perfect Manners and Sue. The way she taught me how to train our crazy terrier mix puppy into the most obedient dog ever is amazing. She is very knowledgeable about dogs and if you listen the way she asks you to teach your dog, then I can 100% guarantee you that you will end up with the most obedient and sweet dog. ~ Sudeshna R.

Sue is the best! She helped with obedience training for my Great Dane puppy. Sue is knowledgeable and fun to work with. She taught me how best to communicate with my dog, which has made training more productive and effective. I had four sessions with Sue. After each one of those sessions, my dog continued to do the tasks Sue had taught her earlier that day. It is up to me to follow through and continue practicing with my dog, but I’m amazed with and so thankful for Sue’s work. ~ Jenny K.

How about 10 stars?  Sue was awesome.  I was ready to give up on my Doxie.  He was so out of control that I was in tears.  He is the sweetest, loving dog I have ever had, but he had some really bad habits.  I live in a condo on the first floor, his constant barking when people came/went. Also, I back up to a walking path and he was in an attack mode if someone walk their dog pass our windows.   I was so worried that a neighbor would complain to the Assoc. and I would have to move or get rid of my dog but, I loved him so much and I am his second home, because of this behavior. Trust me, miracles do happen. In session 1 Sue was able to control my dog’s aggressive behavior and barking. She taught me how to work with him in a positive way.   I am so grateful for Sue.  I am still working with my Dog to continue his training. He’s a so calm and responsive now.  Thank you Sue. ~ Joy K.

We were so lucky to have Sue assigned to us, a patient and pleasant trainer (who you can see loves animals) for our 1 year old Maltese. Our “Punczki” is definitely changed and with reinforcement will be the “perfect mannered dog” she listens and seems to enjoy her new role! Thank You Sue! ~ Mary Ellen G.

Our trainer Sue S. Is AMAZING!! We were not doing well training our dog on our own she was very anixious and hard to control. But after our first session with Sue we saw an immediate and huge improvement in our dog’s behavior. Not only does she do a great job showing you how to train your dog she takes the time to explain why dogs behave they do so you really understand the importance of proper training. I would highly recommend Sue if you need help training your dog !!! ~ Kathy Q.

We adopted a chihuahua puppy so wanted to give training a try. Had Sue from Perfect Manners for a first lesson and we were impressed. She is very patient and energetic, and has lots of knowledge to share. While now it’s up to us to continue with what she taught us, I do have to say that later that evening, my puppy sat down nicely for me. ~ Robert P.

We just had our first training session with Sue and it was amazing! Our 10-year old rescue, Charlie, was a nightmare to walk – lunging at every dog, bike, and squirrel he saw. Within 15 minutes, he became the docile dog that I’d always wanted. Sue is patient, calm and a true dog whisperer. Highly recommend going with Perfect Manners for your dog training needs! ~ Rondi B., Naperville

Sue helped us with our 5 month old Golden doodle and within the first day we have seen a vast improvement in her behavior! We cannot wait to continue working with her! So easy to make appointments and work with. Thank you! ~ Kristen N.

We just had our first in-home appointment with Sue and I could not be happier! We have a 15 week old Lab and were desperately in need of being trained on how to communicate with him, starting with what NOT to do in our home. He is smart and a quick learner and already knows a few commands but the typical puppy behavior is what we needed to get under control, particularly the biting. Within 3 minutes of arriving and interacting with Brady he was sitting nicely by her side as we began our lesson. All I can say is AMAZING! Sue showed my daughter and I exactly what to do to begin to teach Brady what is expected of him to lay the foundation for more training AND for a beautiful relationship. I already feel more in control, less than 24 hours later. What a relief! Sue showed up on time, communicated clearly, answered my questions, was calm and firm with Brady and at the end asked if we were interested in more sessions, which I already knew I was! I cannot wait for leash training! If I could give 10 stars I would…cannot recommend Sue and Perfect Manners enough. ~ Lisa K.

We hired Perfect Manners to train our five month old golden retriever and could not be more happy with the results. Our dog now sits, walks at heel, lays down and stays and is no longer prone to distractions or tugging when he sees something or another dog. Our trainer Sue was fantastic – she was so nice and friendly and very clear in how she was going to train our dog and what to expect. Our dog spent about ten days with Sue and her family and had a great time. Sue was diligent about daily progress reports and sent us a bunch of great pictures and videos showing that progress being made. Very happy that our perfect dog is even more perfect now with good training. ~ Scott D.