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About Perfect Manners Dog Training

The method employed in training your pet has been developed over thirty years and is known as Flow Training. The principle behind this method lays in the belief that obedience, and canine mental health all “flows” from certain universal traits of dog behavior. Just teaching a dog to do tricks will never be a long lasting recipe for contentment for either your pet or its owner. The misbehaviors and neurosis seen in many dogs can never be corrected by ” obedience training”. Dogs are not people. Dogs require guidelines, boundaries and limitations if they are to be healthy, happy companions.

Flow Training emphasizes proven strategies and principles in harmony with the inborn needs of a dog. A dog has no particular need to sit or come when called. It is not hard wired into a dog’s genetic make-up to do tricks. What is hard wired into canine genes is the need to want to obey and please their pack leader. Flow training places emphasis on teaching you, through hands-on guidance, how to correctly communicate to your dog his/her place in your pack. You will be taught how to communicate with your dog and thereby gain your pet’s obedience, devotion and foster a dog that is mentally healthy and happy.

Dogs are some of nature’s most loving and loyal creatures. It is unfortunate that so many of us unwittingly harm them by a lack of understanding of their true needs and desires. Faulty communication with our dogs is the cause of almost all misbehavior in our pets. This mischief will become ingrained and worse over time. It can only be corrected if the root causes are addressed.

Dogs live blissfully in the now and have no thought or worry of the future or regret about the past. They thrive on simple work, standard routines and the comfort of knowing that you will always keep them safe. In return for this comforting cocoon of leadership and care that you provide, they will give you loyalty, unconditional love, and undying devotion. By earning their respect and communicating your leadership, obedience based upon love and security will flow. This is the essence of our training.