Perfect Manners Dog Training Fees

You can always recognize a dog trained by Perfect Manners by their calm, unflappable, demeanor.


Because it’s your choice, we offer the following affordable options:

3 Options for a dog with Perfect Manners

  1. Board & Train. You bring your dog and upon completion of our ten-day training course, we return your trained, obedient dog to your home. Your dog will live in the home of a professional trainer (not a kennel) and receive 24/7 direction and training. $2500 (Metro Chicago Only)
  2. General Obedience Training. Obedience training and puppy training is offered as a four-session package for $495 prepaid. The general obedience package trains your dog the core commands in addition to addressing and preventing unwanted dog behaviors (Metro Chicago Only). Sessions are scheduled by your plan and your dog’s progress. Upon completion, your dog should have perfect manners.
  3. Behavior modification and skills training are $145 per session. We will correct common behavior issues such as pulling on the leash, jumping, excessive barking, aggression, anxiety, etc. (Metro Chicago Only)

Sessions last for approximately one hour or as needed to accomplish our objectives. All leashes, collars and training apparatus, must be supplied by owner. There is NO contract required. All programs are non-refundable. You are in control. If you are not astounded by what you see at your first session, DO NOT sign up for additional lessons. If you like what you observe, you may enroll in a General Obedience Program. There is no pressure and will be entirely your decision.

Common behavior problems are often corrected in one session.

All training is conducted in the dog’s environment, your home. We come to you.

As part of our services, we offer lifetime continuing phone consultation at no charge. Before our first training session, we require a phone interview to determine the suitability of our services for your dog.

For group speaking engagements or training that involves international air travel, please contact us via email.


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