Why Us

Why Choose Perfect Manners Dog Training?

There are numerous dog obedience schools, positive reinforcement trainers, clicker trainers, books, videos and other strategies to train your dog. Why choose Perfect Manners Dog Training? Please carefully consider the following facts.

As a dog owner, contacting us now can put you in charge of the happiness of your family and dog.


  1. We provide affordable individual in home training.

    Dogs, like people, have different personalities. A “one size fits all” approach that is employed by obedience classes may or may not help YOUR dog. Dogs also are very keyed into their environment. I have had many dogs that were “star pupils” in obedience class yet were monsters in their home. The costs of our services compared to any other training method that gets long-term results is a bargain.  This is because both dogs and people better learn with individual instruction.

  2. An untrained dog is like a loaded pistol.

    If you’ve yet to experience it, dogs are capable of unbelievably destructive behavior, crippling phobias, incessant barking and howling, and even lethal aggression. A twenty-five-pound dog can easily permanently maim or kill a child. Even in small breed dogs, it is not “cute” when they jump on your houseguests with muddy paws, urinate on your carpets and cause you shame by their behavior every time you encounter another dog while walking them. The pet owner must further realize that we live in a modern society where bad dog behavior can land the owner in a courtroom facing unimaginable grief and expense. If you’ve decided to own a dog, then it is your obligation to act responsibly. Just like you wouldn’t drive a car without brakes, you can’t responsibly own a dog that is untrained. Imagine what a small investment can return in life-long joy.

  3. At Perfect Manners we train behavior, not tricks.

    With a pocket full of treats you can coax a dog to perform numerous tricks. That is not our philosophy or how we train. Dogs share common genetically based traits. Dogs have no genetic basis for doing “tricks.” They are hardwired to follow and obey their leader. We train the dog and owner to interact in a fashion that your dog truly understands to convey his position as your follower. Once this is established, you can train your dog any “trick” you desire. If this method of communicating your position as the leader of your dog is not determined, then you will not have a dependable, trained dog. Imagine your dog with perfect manners.

  4. At Perfect Manners, your dog will be trained by a Professional Dog Trainer.

    Dog training is not a sideline at Perfect Manners. We are not a franchise. We do not believe you can learn to be a skilled dog trainer by only paying a franchise fee and attending a crash course.  Your trainer will not be a college student who happens to like dogs or a full-time employee of another business who trains dogs in his spare time because he was told he has, “a way with animals.” Training dogs are all we do.  We encourage you to call our previous clients. At Perfect Manners, we are extremely proud of the many owners and their dogs that now enjoy happy lives because of our help.

  5. At Perfect Manners, we get results, usually immediately. Please contact us now.