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Our dog training saves homes, fosters love and even saves lives.

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Dog and puppy training is our vocation. This site is designed to give you practical knowledge about training your dog and developing obedient dog behavior through dog training. Imagine your dog with perfect manners.

Often professional dog obedience training is needed to correct a dog behavior or train your dog a particular set of skills. At Perfect Manners Dog Training, we train dogs and puppies to be happy, loving, well-mannered pets. Our in your home service is hassle free, affordable and professional.

We specialize in correcting undesirable behaviors and training you to communicate accurately with your pet. Perfect Manners Dog Training is headquartered in West Suburban Illinois. We provide dog training in the Chicago suburbs. Please take charge of your dog and family’s happiness and contact us now. To better understand our philosophy and methods, please view our video above.

Why Us

Why Choose Perfect Manners Dog Training?

We provide affordable and individual in home training!

An untrained dog is like a loaded pistol

At Perfect Manners we train behavior not tricks

At Perfect Manners your dog will be trained by a Professional Dog Trainer

At Perfect Manners we get results, usually immediately!

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Our Services

Dog Bite Claims

General Obedience Training

Mastery of the core commands of sit, down, stay, heel, etc. over a series of in-home lessons.

Traveling Your Dog

Behavior Modification

Rehabilitation of undesirable behaviors such as jumping to greet, excessive barking, phobias, separation anxiety, etc.

Board and Train

Board and Train

A 10 day, 24/7 immersion program where your dog lives with a professional trainer.

Dog Whispering


This is the ultimate premium boarding service where your dog receives all the care, love and attention that they would receive in their own home while you are away, supervised by a professional dog trainer.

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Boarding In Pixio

A Death in the Family

Dear Perfect Manners, My 6 yr Yellow Male Lab, attacked and bit my 12 yr. old daughters nose this past Sunday. I’m dealing with guilt of not seeing


Crackdown on Dog Barking

PAHOA, Hawaii—Carl Oguss is trying to use psychology to reform a couple of scofflaws, who are meeting with him as part of a plea deal. “No!” he shouts,

Dog Bite Claims

Dog Bite Claims Increase

It turns out that not only are dogs biting the mailman — they’re biting a whole lot of other people, too. And, more than ever, their owners are being made to pay for their dogs’

Traveling Your Dog

Traveling With Your Dog

(HealthDay News) — If you are planning a long road trip and taking Rover or Fluffy along, the ASPCA offers these suggestions to help keep you and your animal safe: Acclimate

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It is without a doubt one of the most challenging things to do with your pet. Communication. Your dog wants very much

Stopping Excessive Barking

Dogs do not engage in unrewarding behavior. Dog training is mostly about making bad behaviors unrewarding. If we simply

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Clicker vs Marker Words, Which is Better?

When teaching a dog a new behavior, what makes her willing to do it more reliably? Quite simply, it is making that

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The number one reason people call me is because of problems with dog house training. The problems fall into two

Dog Training Tips

Getting started If your dog is aggressive or dominant, start slowly. A sudden display of alpha behavior to a dog who

Dog Whispering

For species that live in packs it’s important to be able to communicate with its own kind. Both in order to cooperate