Puppy training

Congratulations on getting a puppy. Puppy training can be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done.


We at Perfect Manners Dog Training, are here to help with puppy training. Training your puppy to become the perfect family dog is our specialty, and we have helped thousands of families achieve the goal of having a loving, well-mannered family dog.

A little about our philosophy and methods…….

First and foremost we conduct all puppy training in your home. Your home is your dog’s environment and, each home will have different challenges. It is somewhat irrelevant how your dog behaves in an obedience class. You want your dog to act in harmony with what is best suited to your home environment.

We are not wedded to a rigid school of thought regarding a methodology of training. The benefit of our over 30 years of training dogs is that we individually tailor our puppy training to your dog’s temperament. Puppies, like children, are individual. A one size fits all method may either help or harm your pup.

Our primary focus is on training behavior, not tricks. Yes, your pup will well learn the core commands of sit, down, heel, stay, wait and come. However, these skills are simply effective means to form the sovereign bond of having a dog that loves and holds you in such high esteem that they respect and strive always to behave in a manner that will bring you joy.

We recommend you begin training your puppy at ten to twelve weeks. Your training will start when you bring your puppy home and call us. We expect and welcome you to ask us questions about potty training and socialization on your first phone call to us.   At that time we would answer all your questions and schedule an appointment for our trainer to come out and conduct your first session.

If you are fortunate, you will share your life with your new dog for over a decade. Your decision to enlist expert guidance now, while your puppy is forming lifelong patterns of behavior, is an investment that will pay off for years and years to come.