Hyperactivity in Dogs

Hyperactivity in dogs is a common problem. Generally it is present amongst a cluster of other inappropriate behaviors such as jumping, pulling on the leash and unwarranted barking. In most cases, canine hyperactivity is stress induced.

We must realize that simply living with humans involves a certain degree of stress for most dogs. Many humans do not understand dog communication and do not respect the fact that dogs are of a different species with different needs. To gather an in depth understanding of some of the many communication difficulties that exist between man and canine, you may want to refer to dog whispering , which addresses how dogs communicate. However, for the purpose of correcting hyperactive behavior in your dog, the following remedial methods can often be employed with success.

Use the crate liberally. Keep your dog in his crate during idle time when he is not interacting with you or other family members. Allow your dog to sleep in the same room as you, but have him sleep in his crate. Crates are like doggy tranquilizers. Dogs like the comfort of confined, defined spaces.
Exercise your dog’s body and mind. Walk your dog on a daily basis and give him a job by making your dog walk on a heel. If you have a working breed dog, such as a border collie, consider agility training or playing with a Frisbee that involves heavy exercise.
Set aside ten minutes a day for training and obedience training work. This will keep your dog learning and create a strong bond between you and your dog. The interaction involved in frequent training activities will also teach you to understand your dogs many ways of expressing himself and his temperament.
Finally you should strive for routine and consistency in your interactions with your dog. All dogs thrive on routine. They want to depend upon a certain structure to their life. Try to perform certain routines such as feeding at set times. Especially strive to use the same commands, in a calm tone of voice consistently.
By following these steps you can transform your hyperactive dog into a relaxed, calm companion. Your dog wants to enjoy a simple life. He is not enamored with complication but merely wants clear leadership, the opportunity to earn your praise and the security of a dependable routine. We can learn much from our dogs about the secrets to tranquility.

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