I think I’ve figured out Sandy’s method. He must have came with a van full of well-trained dogs, and when he took Sparky out for a walk, he spray-painted one to match and switched them out. The walks are such a pleasure now, as opposed to the tug-of-war we’re used to. He’s testing me occasionally, which I expected; but I’m doing my homework and he’s responding beautifully. I know none if this is a surprise to the trainer, but Sparky seems so much happier and he’s calmed down immensely, as I saw even during Sandy’s visit. Thank Perfect Manners so much for this doggy miracle! I will not hesitate to recommend Sandy to anyone I know who can benefit from his service.

I just got back from walk with Magic, we went with her dog friend Tucker who is the most well behaved dog I have ever met, well, Now Magic is the most well behaved dog I have ever met. I was able to walk our park for 1 hour and 15 minutes with my friend and her dog. I was even able to drop the leash and she stayed with me until I allowed her to roam while playing when I called her she came without reservation. I even tested her with my neighbor who she loves to see and jump all over. She was amazed as are me and my Husband, Thank you so much…Perfect Manners we should have called them 6 years ago. The walk I took today was the most wonderful walk I have ever had with her. I made her calm down before I let her play with Tucker and she was having a great time and so was I . Thank you again.

Thank you to Sandy of Perfect Manners – you saved our dog. What a great experience for my entire family! Our dog, Chance was very protective and was lashing out and attacking almost everyone he didn’t know. Sandy taught us what we were doing wrong and what needed to change. Three months later and Chance is a new dog with just one meeting with Perfect Manners. Sandy is like the “Super Nanny” for dogs!

I guess I had my dog “repaired”… She was out of control and breaking my heart with her antics. Called Perfect Manners Dog Training and the dog trainer came out and patiently explained everything that was going on in my dog’s little canine brain. The trainer then taught my dog some basic obedience skills and laid out a plan of homework for me. 2 weeks later and she’s like a new and vastly improved dog. I’d recommend them highly! We were completely hesitant to bring in a dog trainer. We thought that was for other people, not us. But, we were at wit’s end with our dog. He was a dog like no other and we really wanted to keep him. That is when a friend referred us to Perfect Manners. I had to wait a couple weeks for a weekend appointment, they book out quickly, but when my day came, Sandy arrived exactly on time. He spent an hour or so with us and our dog. We learned a lot and received a lot of homework so we could work with our dog better and he could live up to our expectations of him. A year later we called Sandy back to help us with some more advanced leash training. The weather was getting better and I really wanted to hit the pavement with my pooch. After one visit, a change of collar and some homework, we no longer have to avoid kids on bikes, other dogs on or off leash because we are quite adept and walking on and off leash. Sandy has been the a great influence on me, my husband and my dog. We are far more exercised than we were, our shoes do not get eaten and the dog plays well with others. I will share with you one little secret. Sandy at Perfect Manners is bi-lingual – that is, he speaks both Human and Dog. And he can translate for both species. Made all the difference in our world! Julie

We have a 2 year old yorkie pom and a 9 month old yorkie poo. Their aggressive behavior on walks and the excessive barking inside and outside the house was miserable. I couldn’t take them on walks anymore, neighbors were avoiding us (I don’t blame them) and Perfect Manners was our “last ditch effort”. I told the kids if they couldn’t help us we’d have to find new homes for both dogs. Patti came out the day before Thanksgiving and within a half an hour of our 2 hour session, it was like we had two new dogs. They have NEVER behaved so well — my husband and I were shocked at how just a few techniques brought calm and order to our home. Patti was very thorough, answered all our questions and did not judge any of our past mistakes with the dogs. Also, I chose to go with the 4 visit package, and I was not pushed into purchasing it — it was discussed at the very end of our session. The majority of the training was done with our older dog, and I want Patti to come back to help us with the puppy as she gets older. For now, she behaves because the older dog is under control — truly this was a miracle. Thanks, Patti!

Sandy is wonderful and very gentle with my dog Buddy. With his guidance, Buddy has changed from an insecure dog who barked at anything and everything into a calm little guy. It is a please walking with Buddy now. He no longer pulls ,barks or lunges at others dogs. People on the riverwalk have even commented to me that I have “such a well-behaved dog.”

Based on the other reviews, I had my first appointment with Sandy of Perfect Manners this week. I don’t give many 5 star ratings but I would give him a 10 if possible. I had hoped that with professional help I’d be able to walk my dog without worrying about being pulled down the icy street and spending time in the emergency room having my broken bones patched. Sandy came out (he was punctual) and asked me a lot of questions that had no apparent relation to simply walking my dog. He wanted to know everything from where the dog slept to whether I gave him treats and for what occasions. After my “interrogation” he said he wanted to hear my pup’s side of the story and he was taking him for a walk. Off they went and within 3 minutes they were back and Sandy told me that they had a fruitful discussion and walking should no longer be a problem. We all went outside and for the first time since I’ve had my dog he walked politely next to me with some coaching from Sandy. I was near tears with joy. Sandy then explained that it wasn’t really a walk but a conversation that we had and my dog should now understand that I wished to assume the leadership position. He next proceeded to have my dog do a sit, a down and then lay down while he tempted him with toys, treats and loud noises. My dog did not move. This time, I really did cry. It was amazing! I’ve always loved my dog but he was a real pain to live with. This all changed in an hour with Sandy. I scheduled additional lessons and can’t wait to advance to more commands. The dog seems happier than I’ve ever seen him and the training not only solved my problem but was entertaining and a lot of fun. WOW to Sandy and Perfect Manners.

I have a six-month old Wheaten Terrier who, at four months, became terrified to leave our yard. At first, we tried to coax him with treats and comfort him to try to build his confidence. Nothing worked. Finally, in desperation, I contacted Sandy and Perfect Manners Dog Training. During the initial phone interview, I explained my frustration, and he asked me alot of questions that didn’t seem related to the problem. He visited our home and spent alot of time discussing our situation with my husband and I. Then he took our pup out by himself to “hear his side of the story”. Ten minutes later, I looked out the window and saw Sandy and my formerly terrified dog walking down the street together. He then turned the leash over to my husband and I and incredibly we were able to walk our dog for the first time in two months. He stayed right at our side and since that day, we’ve enjoyed many long walks together. Sandy has a very calm, confident approach, which works wonders building confidence in the dog and owner. I highly recommend him to anyone with behavior issues. He was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to contact him again if other problems develop.

We just had our 1st session with Patti and we couldn’t be more appreciative and excited to see what the training brings for Diesel and us. Her style of training not only was calming for him but we were thoroughly engaged as well. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Michelle Murphy Facebook

Sandy, thank you for your visit today! Paco learned more in one hour than i could teach him in one year! I’ve already purchased my new leash. It was abundantly clear that the pet store had no idea what a training leash was. They tried to sell me one that extends and retracts and i said emphatically “no!” did find a cesar milan one at petco, my third pet store! I am going to reiterate our lessons today with my husband and my girls. I have already demonstrated to my youngest daughter how paco can sit! She was amazed that he did not run away. Thank you!

Prior to training with Patti, Maeve nipped at our feet, barked constantly at animals and people, and would jump on anyone who came in the door. My kids couldn’t play basketball in our driveway without Maeve going crazy barking if she was in the house, and barking and jumping on them if she was outside. Now Maeve stays in a down position outside and lets the kids play in peace. During our meals Maeve is in a down/stay position and never hangs out by the table looking for scraps. Now when Maeve sees me get food from the fridge, she goes and lies down without even being told! I have learned from Patti to have high expectations for my dog – I expect Maeve to lie down during meals, to sit down when she sees me or when I put on her leash, to heal when we walk together, to greet people from a sitting position at the front door, to bark only once or twice and then stop once!

Started Hazel with Perfect Manners because after numerous Pet Smart sessions and another at Narnia Hazel would barely sit and was a nightmare to walk because she was really out of control. If you are debating at all over he cost I would not hesitate for a moment. We got amazing results with Sandy on day 1! After a 1 hour session Hazel was walking like a well behaved dog and on day 2 we had our first normal dinner in almost a year because we sent Hazel to her place and she stayed! Thank you Sandy! Looking forward to lesson 2.