A Death in the Family

Dear Perfect Manners,

My 6 yr Yellow Male Lab, attacked and bit my 12 yr. old daughters nose this past Sunday.  I’m dealing with guilt of not seeing this coming and did not protect my daughter and guilt of putting my beloved dog to death.  My dog was treat trained…never made the time to get educated enough and train him thru a professional.  He ran with me weekly, had some noticeble behavior changes in the last two weeks and gave him more attention… my daughter laid next to him on his bed..she did not touch him or put her arm around him and he attacked.  I have always had a dog…and not sure how or if I will ever get another one but feel i will not be the same with out having a dog in  my life.., may be some day but not right now…only if I’m prepared and committed to investing more time to their exercise and care…not that I didn’t do this …I would just have to do more – THIS TIME training!  I would think starting with a puppy would be best vs. adopt a pet from Humane Society…for now, I had to get over my most difficult decisoin of putting my dog down.  I guess I had a loaded pistol:(…and had no idea:(.   Thank you -a  new advocate to professional training for dog owners.