The rich parents among us have traditionally used their wealth to provide the very best for their children. Be it a $4000 stroller or designer diaper bag, the wealthy don’t want their little darlings to be seen with anything an average middle class child might have, let alone a child who might be, gasp, POOR! So is it now, so it has always been in America.

The one exception has been with dog breeds.

In America one dog breed historically became known as the dog for people who are scared of dogs.
One dog breed achieved such a rock solid reputation with children that for 120 years it was known as the “Nanny Dog” of the U.S.A.

One dog breed became so trusted that despite the fact that no Kennel Club or Association recognized it, despite the fact that it could be found on the poorest farms and bleakest city neighborhoods with kids who didn’t know where their next meal was coming from (think the little rascals), rich people acquired them in droves because they were simply the safest, most tolerant breed to have around their coddled kiddies.

Rich, poor, and everything in between, until recently Americans agreed that there were only a CERTAIN TYPE of people who would own a Pit Bull… These were parents who loved their children.

America’s Nanny Dog is the victim of a smear campaign that has turned common sense upside-down and robbed us of our historical memory. The dogs that we trusted with our children’s lives are now deemed too vicious to live among us. The dogs that in two World Wars were the symbol of the United States military itself are now ordered off its facilities.

The Pit Bulls haven’t changed. Only the owners have.

Gentle reader, as I restate emphatically throughout the articles on this website, a dog is a dog regardless of breed. They have the same instincts, DNA, and same ways of relating to the world. With proper guidance (training) dogs are indeed man’s, woman’s and child’s best friend. Unless you share the training philosophy of a Michael Vick, then please do not brand Pit Bulls as a vicious breed.

For all the doubters, I now formally put to rest the recurring rumors by boldly stating;

1. YES. We did indeed land on the moon

2. YES . President Obama is an American citizen

3. YES. Pit Bulls are good dogs too.


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