What is a canine good citizen

  1. Meeting friendly new people: Your dog will be expected to sit or stand calmly  while you stop and speak to a stranger.
  2. A pat on the head: Your dog must sit or stand while a stranger pets it.
  3. A trip to the veterinarian/groomer: Your dog must permit a stranger to brush it and examine its paws and ears.
  4. A walk in the park: Your dog will be asked to walk with you on a loose leash, including turning left, right and around and coming to a stop.
  5. A walk in a crowd: Your dog must show it is at ease while you walk it in a crowd.
  6. Staying put: Your dog must perform a sit and/or down and then remain in place while you walk away from it.
  7. Answering a call: Your dog must come when you command.
  8. Dog to dog: When meeting another dog, your dog must show only casual interest.
  9. Accepting the unexpected. Your dog must not panic when confronted by common distractions, such as a loud noise or a passing jogger.
  10. Dog-sitters welcome: Your dog should behave when a friendly stranger takes its leash and you disappear for three minutes.